We help with document preparation, Medicaid application submission
and follow-up with caseworkers



We'll answer all your questions on Pooled Income Trusts as well as complete forms, documentation and submit paperwork.



We'll review your medical records requirements, physical capabilities as well as your legal and financial status and help you put together a plan.

When you need to put the right care in place for an aging family member, make GLS part of your team. Find relief in knowing that you have experienced, skilled and knowledgeable experts on your side. No matter what your situation, Mary Ann Kuntz and Lori Shibilo will guide you in the right direction. As former co-workers both at the Department of Social Services in Nassau County and at a prominent elder law firm, Mary Ann and Lori not only offer their professional expertise but their personal experiences as well. Both have been through the care planning process with their own parents and understand the difficulties that can arise. Since founding Guiding Light for Seniors in 2000, their goal has been to help seniors and their families navigate the bureaucracy of elder care and face these challenges with clarity and ease.