Understand your care options 
and how to accomplish your goals
without impoverishing yourself.



Reduce your stress and anxiety when it comes to finding & paying for Nursing Home Care. We’ll guide you and simplify the process for you.



Learn how you can stay at home as
long as possible and receive proper care
without going broke. Get help paying 
for care in as little as 60 days!

When you need the right care for yourself or a loved one, find relief in knowing that you have experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable experts on your side at Guiding Light for Seniors, Ltd. No matter what your situation, we will guide you in the right direction, review all your risks, identifying your solutions, and ensuring your care needs are met in a timely manner. At Guiding Light our co-owners have been through the care planning process with their own relatives and understand the difficulties that can arise. Since founding Guiding Light for Seniors in 2000, our goal has been to help seniors and their families navigate the bureaucracy of elder care and face these challenges with clarity and ease, to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary delays.

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